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February - April


In our class, "Can I Trust the Bible?" we plan to design conversations for those grappling with wavering faith and those who feel firm in their faith to have difficult, yet respectful conversations about the Bible and its claim to truth and trustworthiness. In class, you will explore the Bible's claims about itself, insights from early church writers, Jesus' teachings, authorship debates, the impact of cultural context, and the delicate balance between the Old and New Testaments. Join us as we navigate these challenging inquiries with empathy and understanding, seeking to strengthen your faith in a supportive community.

How much faith do we have in the English Bible that sits on our nightstand or lives as an app on our phone? How was it passed generation to generation without altercation? Can we trust what we have today? These are some questions that will be discussed and answered.

Classes for children 2yrs - 5th grade and an attended nursery for those under 2yrs.

The last Wednesday of each month we will gather together for an all-ages singing night.